Quickie #18 The future is alive!

PROMPT: Write about an item you use frequently that you think (or hope) will be obsolete in 20 years.

Tooth brush.

People have such terrible dental hygiene and it costs thousands in dental fees to fix most problems. It would be a great help to be able to chew a pill or a piece of gum and have it foam your mouth and clean your teeth perfectly! Make it different flavors and cool colors to encourage kids to try it.

I could mention a lot of others things that would definitely impact the environment in a positive way like cars, manufacturing factories, paper money, and amusement parks but I have a feeling humans would fight to keep those for various reasons. Nostalgia, money, power, or entertainment. I think it would take longer than 20 years to convince people we don’t need them.

We can do little things though. We’re a slow changing race of bipeds.

Tooth brushes, car keys/house keys, CD’s/DVD’s/Tapes/VHS, light switches, cable TV (most people go online anyway), boom boxes, paper mail, paper books (though I will NEVER advocate that!), and soda. So many things!

But we have to be open to it.

We need to Elon Musk the human race for some of these things!


Quickie #17 Just sweets

PROMPT: Write about the weirdest job you’ve ever had.

I offered candied almonds at a fair to passers-by. They were made right on site from this fancy german made machine and smelled absolutely delicious. Cinnamon, vanilla and brown sugar goodness. I put on an apron and a visor with the almond seller’s logo and held out a shiny metal plate yelling “Free sample! Candied almonds!!” Some people, despite my screams, would walk up and ask if I was selling meat bits.

Yes. I know.

It wasn’t a glamorous job and the owner was a fast-tempered Italian man who blew a gasket over the smallest things. I got paid a pittance. But I got into the fair for free and on my break I got to walk the fair and eat whatever I wanted plus extra tickets for my family. At the price of a wicked tan line on my neck, I had a pretty good two weeks of work every summer.

Quickie #14 Red circle of Doom

PROMPT: What date do you have circled on your calendar? 

Saturday January 27th was circled on my calendar because it was going to be the last day at my job.

I was only hired as a seasonal employee so I anticipated the day was coming. I put on a smile for the co-workers I’d come to think of as friends and tried to keep my disappointment on the inside. But I can’t deny I was a little annoyed that management was hiring cashiers left and right but not keeping me. Like, really? I already know the store, the product, all the positions…but I can’t stay. I survived Seasonal!

Well EFF YOU then!

During the Christmas season they put me back in the frame shop because I knew the job from before and I was able to help out while they were training a new Frame shop Manager. Then they promoted a guy into full time Framer and we were running pretty smoothly. I became the night time closer, straightening my aisles, cleaning the frame shop, and calling customers whose orders had been completed. I liked this arrangement because I got the entire day to do what I liked and then when my husband got home, I could use the car instead of taking the bus and having him pick me up at 10:00.

It was pretty sweet and I knew I wouldn’t be able to find another arrangement like this but what can I do? Beg? No. I did my job with a smile and tried my best, looking on craigslist and monster for jobs my meager experience would be good for. More retail. Warehouse worker. Sandwich artist maybe.

Well I’m happy to say they didn’t get rid of me.

Two days before my cut off date my boss decides to call me and say “Just kidding. We made room for you. We like your positivity and enthusiasm.”

Wait what? Not my work ethic but my personality? HEY! I’LL FREAKING TAKE IT!! I’d rather be good at customer service and make people feel good than just about anything else.


I greatly appreciated the little bit of freedom and independence that my job gave me. I liked being able to help my husband out with bills and groceries and get myself lunch without having to sneak it by the budget or use a credit card. I was beginning to get my own identity outside of “Mom” and “Wife”. I’m still learning how to balance speed with efficiency both at work and at home. I get dinged on it a lot. (After twelve years of doing things at my own pace, it’s hard to get on to someone else’s schedule.) But I like my bosses for the most part and my coworkers are the BEST. I adore every single one of them.

And I am grateful I can keep my job.

THANK YOU (to whoever is listening). And reading, as always. 🙂

The Happiest Place on Earth is NOT Disneyland


This post is going to be a little more personal than usual but it eventually will end up about writing. Long story short, there’s been several deaths in the family, several births, very large and painful secrets divulged, there’s been separations and divorces, my husband lost his job and I had to find one after 10 years of not working.

It’s not a complaint-fest I swear! It’s a bit of a story actually. Surprise, surprise 😉

When my husband lost his job it was right around the same time I was looking for my own employment. His employer hadn’t been paying the workers on time and that sent up a huge red flag that something was going down. The kids were older and I knew we all could handle me getting a part-time job now. Plus, it was going to be necessary.

So I went online and did the whole “job recruiter” thing. I sent out half a dozen applications a day and waited anxiously. Target called me right away for an interview and I was excited. Not to work there but about being called back. This was easy! I trotted myself down there and waited on a bench with two other beefy guys. Haaaaa…

I did everything wrong apparently. I wore jeans to the interview for one. I was so far out of the game I didn’t realize that was taboo. I was a mom for Christ sake, looking for a stocking job! Who needed to be fancy?! I was too honest in my interview and said the wrong kinds of things. Like, “What is one quality your employer would say you need to work on?” and I replied with “Speed. I’m a perfectionist so I go slow and do things right.”


They trap you with those questions, I swear! What is the LEAST BAD thing you can say about yourself that won’t impact your job performance? Seriously. And being a perfectionist isn’t bad! Ugghhh. Needless to say I didn’t get called back. I’ve been much less inclined to shop there suddenly. Hmm. Back to the apps.

Now, I don’t know how it is for you lovely people out there in WordPress Land but there has always been a job or two that I’ve ALWAYS wanted. I don’t aim high for employment so it’s not like I wanted to be a CEO or anything. I’m perfectly happy working in retail (a rare trait, might I add.) One of those jobs I had before I got pregnant with my first daughter. I wanted to work at a craft store. Michael’s hired me and I stayed there until a week before my kid was born. I was never able to go back since I got pregnant again right after my first was born. But I got to live one of my “dream” jobs!

It was wonderful! I helped kids with their art projects and I helped a young couple memorialize their deceased babies in a beautiful ceremony with reminder bracelets. I knew alllll the tips and tricks for the artsy things and I could whip out a full custom frame job in an hour if need be. I felt energized by helping people and my bubbly personality made their shopping experience better. No grumpy employee here! It was a mutualistic happy relationship I had with Michael’s. 

I did apply there first, actually. My mom works there now and my cousin worked there for many years off and on. I knew the managers by name and many of the employees knew ME because I practically lived there, shopping for one crafty project or another. It would still be a good job for me and I knew I would benefit the company.


There was one “Unicorn Job” I’ve wanted since I was 18. I applied every year and always seemed to just miss the cut off. I was there almost every day of the summer in middle and high school. It was my salvation away from an abusive step father.

Can you guess that it might be? If one half of me is crafts, then the other half iiiiisssssss……??????

C’mon you can guess! I made a blog specifically for this kind of thing!

Nothing? Not a clue?

Alright, fine. I’ll tell you.

My unicorn job is Barnes and Nobles. It was and is MY happiest Place on Earth. Screw you Disneyland with your long lines and screaming kids. *shudder*

Yep! All those lovely dead trees printed with stories and facts and information. MMMM!!!!!! I knew I would be a good fit in there too if I could just get my foot in the door. I am well-read and I’m a pleasant and helpful soul. So once more, with a hope and a prayer, I tried one last time. I filled out the application and sent it in. Then I waited three agonizing days before taking my mama’s advice and going there to show my face. She always said it was better to go and let your physical presence be known to potential employers. It showed initiative.

Well. I was terrified. My interview went so badly with Target I got tongue-tied when I saw the store manager. My mind went blank. This was my unicorn job! I had to keep it together! I fumbled my way through introductions and could barely spit out what I came to ask. I was shaking and near tears. I was a mess.

She took pity on me, thankfully. I think my trembling chihuahua bit softened her and she arranged to have me contact her assistant manager to set up an interview. I walked out of the store, zombie-like, and stood by my car, in shock.

Did…did that just happen? Was that my foot going into the proverbial door of my dream job? OMG. OMG! I threw my arms up and screamed “YES!”

Well, I’m happy to inform you I am the newest part-time employee at Barnes and Nobles. YES! I did it! I didn’t get the book seller position I wanted BUT I got something much better suited for me. I joined the work force, which is basically stocking shelves and organizing, my two favorite things to do to books besides read them. I get to see all the newest titles pass through my hands and glean information here and there about what publishers are pushing out these days. My Good Reads account is slowly starting to fill up.

I did it. I can hardly believe it. I got my Unicorn job! I’m very slow, which is bad but that’ll improve with time. The holiday season is right around the corner and I need to be fully cognizant of the shelves before the crazy season begins. I adore all my co workers, who are welcoming and generous with me and my incessant questions. My managers are equal parts firm and funny. It is literally, everything I wanted.

I’m humbled working there too. I’m only a month in but so many things have been brought to my attention that I know I need to work on. For one thing, I have a poor diet of books in my library. Or rather, a very fantasy rich diet. Trying to recommend my personal selection of books to guests makes me feel like a toddler handing the “Good Night Moon” book to an adult. I need to get some meaty selections on my shelves! Some current events or some mysteries at least. I have all of my mother’s Lee Child books and picked up nary a one to read. So I’ll be working on that. 30% employee discount might help 😀

Another thing that has humbled me is looking at all the successful authors that have made it to the shelves. There are hundreds of thousands of authors at BnN. They’re the ones that have done the hard work and bled all over their manuscripts to make their dream come true. They WANTED it. They didn’t give up. What kind of writer am I to stop when the going gets tough? A punk ass one, that what.

I know that paper books are somewhat of a dying market. E-books are convenient, cheaper, environmentally friendly blah blah blah….I still don’t own a nook or a kindle or whatever. But I have a job at a book store. And I want to be traditionally published. I can only feel that me getting the job at Barnes and Nobles is a step in the right direction. I get up front information about what kind of genre and books each publisher is looking for. I can jump on trends and I can find endless inspiration on the shelves.

I am a blessed person. For all the shit I’ve been going through since the beginning of the year, I’m grateful I can still find blessings and my eyes are still opened to them. I’m excited for this new chapter in my life, even if juggling everything has been difficult. I’ve dropped a few balls but they’ll be in the air again. Once such ball has been my blog. I’ll be getting back into it again. I need to.

I’ve managed to manifest my dream retail job into my life so I can do the same with my truest and biggest dream as well.

I WILL be published. I WILL!

Take care everyone. Don’t give up. Find the blessings ❤