Quickie #21 Legolas Style, AWWWW YEAHH!!!

PROMPT: Write about the most recent skill you have acquired.

Recently I have begun to teach myself Archery.

It was an interest of mine starting way back as a kid when I first got into medieval fairs and Robin Hood. I loved bows. I loved the look and the style and the fact you can shoot up close or far away. All the beautiful designs and different woods they’re made out of. The gear that goes with it like the arm guards, the awesome quivers and the finger tabs (and the swirling capes of course!) Of all the weapons, I always thought bows were the flashiest and most debonair.

Never actually thought about doing it myself for real though. It was an expense I couldn’t afford. I did fool around at Scottish festivals and Renaissance Fairs whenever they boasted archery exhibits and I always took down my colorful balloon foes. Ha HA!! And whenever I played any MMORPG I was either a caster or an archer. (I liked keeping my distance from the big baddies).

Then one day I went with my husband to a gun shop. Wow…sounds like the start to a bad joke, right? LOL. He was picking up his gun and had a ton of paperwork to sign so my girls and I roamed around the shop. They pointed out the “baby guns” to me (mini revolvers that could literally fit in an infant’s hand) and the BIIIIIG guns (my beloved Rugers). I discovered I have high taste in guns. Haaa. And then I saw the bows and I made a beeline to them, like a moth to a flame.

“Now THIS is more my roll,” I told the girls and they looked on with interest.

I bypassed the compound bows (the fancy wheeled high-tech hunting bows) and went straight for the recurves, or the “Elven” bows. I sighed in envy looking at them and a friendly faced woman named Sarah came around to talk with us.

“Do you girls want to take some shots?” she asked, looking down at my wide-eyed younguns.

They looked so nervous but I’m like, “Yes. They absolutely do.”


“It’s fun, I promise.”

Moira, of course, was the first to go. She’s game for anything. Sarah found her an appropriately sized bow and taught her how to nock an arrow and aim. She had to help both of them pull the string back but they didn’t hit the floor and on the third try, they actually hit the outside of the target. I was so proud. Mah little babies just had their world widened a smidge. Yay new experiences!

“Do you want to try?”

Sarah looked at me, pulling another bow off the rack. I blinked.

“Me? Oh—”

“Go on mom! It’s fun!”

Well, yeah duh. It felt as natural as breathing. She didn’t need to make a single adjustment on my posture or anything. I lifted the bow and rested my thumb under my chin as an anchor point. I closed my left eye, knocked my right elbow out of the way so the string wouldn’t smack it and aimed.


It didn’t matter that I didn’t hit the target the first time. Or that I embedded the arrow in the wood the second time (oops). I wanted to keep doing it. I felt the yearning settle more deeply into my soul and I vowed, then and there, I would buy myself my own bow kit and I would get better. This could be MY thing, the thing Jessica was good at. The THING that set me apart from wife or mother. “Hi I’m Jessica and I’m an Archer.”

Oh how I craved that. Truly.

“We have a beginner’s class starting next saturday. The first one ever if you want to come and don’t mind being my guinea pig…”

The kind-hearted woman gave me a flyer and I folded it, already deciding I was going to do it but figuring out budgeting first.

“Thank you for the opportunity!” we chirped when my husband came to find us.

I did go to that class and Yes I did get three or four bulls-eyes. And yes I did go back for more range time alone, and it was the most zen thing I’ve done that was physically demanding. Dichotomous I know but archery ain’t like yoga, okay?

For Valentine’s day, I was gifted my very own bow kit from my husband. I balked at the price, preferring to have waited until taxes came in, but I can’t deny I was stoked. I felt like I was vibrating everywhere. I was able to watch her put it together and I even got to pick my own colored arrows (Pink and purple of course!! My girls’ favorite colors!) I picked out a case and was so proud I’d done research prior so I knew everything I needed to get. Warm guard, bow stringer, case, extra tips, wax, quiver, finger tips and of course, the bow. I was only a little let down that nothing really matched. Grey case, red quiver, pink arrows, purple fletchings, white bow….but hey, it’s all MINE.

I admit that this bow was a higher draw weight than I was used to and I struggled that day to get used to it. The rental bows were about #15-20 lbs and this was #25. I absolutely could not do #30. But I didn’t want #20 because it was too easy for me. I wanted to work up to a #25. Plus I had to get used to using finger tabs which protect the fingers from the string. That was an interesting experience.

Then after that I got the Death Cold from Hell and couldn’t practice anymore. I haven’t been to the range in two weeks and I’m starting to get antsy. Like, can I just set up shop here? I mean, I might hit a person or a car or a house but how bad can that be, right? Riiiiiight??


I was never really good at patience when I really wanted something. But yeah, archery ❤ Legolas skeeeeeels. YEHAH!!!!



Quickie #20 “Fate Frenetic: Boring”

PROMPT: A new Broadway musical is about your life. Come up with a title for it and write a mini review of it. 

Title: Fate Frenetic: Boring


First of all, the title was so unusual I thought it was going to be some art exposition or a sad diatribe of some sort. “Fate Frenetic: Boring” inspires curiosity however and it’s a refreshing change from “The Life and Times of Insert Blank Here“.

The play is about a young woman who, straight out of high school, marries her high school sweet heart and she’s happily waltzed into a gilded cage. A literal human-sized cage, onstage. We see her inside, cooking, taking care of babies, being the good wife and smiling beatifically while outside the cage, her true emotions show. She’s the villain, screaming at her screaming children, raging at her oblivious, lazy husband and crying toward the heavens, asking why. A tumultuous and dark number.

She’s the sad woman, grocery shopping on government money, borrowing from Peter to pay Paul with strings attached to her limbs and doing an intricate dance that ties her up until even her mouth can’t move anymore. All the while the gilded cage woman is smiling and taking care of things as if nothing is wrong.

She’s the lively dancer at a club, charming young men with her red-lipped smile and letting herself go inside the music, shrugging off the bindings of married life for a while with alcohol and a good time.

She’s the patient customer waiting at the Food Stamps office for her number to be called, reading a book and enjoying the time to herself while the kids are away at home all the while trying not to let her shame show too obviously.

And this goes on for a time, vignettes of the life of a trapped woman until she can’t stand the cage anymore. We watch with bated breath as she that is inside the cage grows bigger and bigger until she cracks it open and she flows out in rainbow chaos a mixture of mother, wife, villain, saint and “Other”. And when she stands there, covered in all the colors of her past and present, she holds up a plain white sign with a question mark and starts to cry, her tears washing away the colors on her face.

“What next?” is the only thing she says before the lights go dark and we’re left to answer her question in our minds.

For any woman who married young and for the wrong reasons, this was a painful showcase of truth. I found myself nodding frequently and empathized with the emotion fraught on stage. I understood the inside struggle and the outside mask she put on to survive. The sacrifice and responsibility she chose, rather than abandoning her family. It’s the truest take on reality of young love and naiveté if there ever was one.

It was not an extraordinary play but it was a reminder that the choices we make define us, whether for good or otherwise. I think many will identify with this. It was emotional and enjoyable, colorful and truthful. I may watch it again before the finale just to remember what it like and to humble myself before my life.


Don’t be Dull Jack! Be a Game Changer!

Change is never, ever, ever, EVER easy.

In my limited experience I’d say it’s the hardest thing a human has to do, whether it’s willingly or not. We are creatures of habit; sheep, in a way. We like being comfortable and having things at the tips of our fingers. We work and strive for these things all our lives, ruining our bodies and grinding down our spirits to make sure we, and future generations, have ample enough to be happy.

Go to school to get a job.

Go to the job to get the moneys.

Go to the store to spend the moneys.

Save moneys if you can.


Okay good. So I’ve discovered the purpose of life. To be sheep! Beeeeeh!! Beh!

Weeeeelllllll what if you don’t want to be sheep? Yes being able to provide for yourself and your family is an amazing thing and you should feel proud you stuck with it. A lot of people don’t, choosing selfishness over responsibility. BUT. Where are you in all this? I asked myself that a lot over the last decade. It wasn’t until recently that I was able to really pursue it though. I finally had enough of being a sheep. So this is a rough draft of the process I used to help plan my course of action.

The first step is recognizing you don’t ONLY want to be a sheep.

The second and immediate step to take after that is to STOP the guilt from getting the better of you.

You deserve to be a person in the midst of your survival. You may not be able to be the multi-million dollar karate master movie star of your dreams but you can certainly say, collect memorabilia or take lessons at a dojo. Simple, small pleasures that make you feel different from the monkey pressing the same red button everyday for eight hours. And remember, DON’T let yourself feel guilty! All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. You earned this!

Step three is, after you start to feel a bit better about yourself, to identify the thing you want to change the most. Write down only ONE THING, usually the first thing that comes to mind. Do you want to lose weight and be healthier? Do you want to stop being such a judgmental person? Do you want to get a better job that requires more schooling?

Step four is to make a list of things you can do to possibly help change that goal. Break it down. Buy less fast food. Pay people more compliments. Start looking at online schooling. Start eating whole grain bread. Give money to a homeless person. Ask a banker about school loans.

Now I want you to take that list and find the simplest, easiest possible thing you wrote down. Circle it in your favorite color marker. That’s your starting point. Go out and buy your bread. Tell your cashier at the check out line how pretty her make up is that day. Look up classes at your local college. Also, make yourself a list of little rewards alongside your circle that you can pick from when you succeed. Don’t want to be a dull Jack right? We’re working to step AWAY from this mentality!

Some goals may need to be sustained through a monthly cycle. Psychologists say it takes at least six weeks to break a habit so if you’re going for something like a healthier life style or a personality change, you’ll need to make a small goal you can reach for that as well. Mine was “weekly but for two whole months” that way the amount of time was sectioned into smaller bite-sized chunks. Now if I happened to fall off the wagon, it was only one day of one week. Easy to get back on!

(Also, give yourself some slack if shit happens, like the flu or you lose your job or you’re having marital trouble. A person can only take on so much. Just don’t make it an excuse not to try to get back to it. Be your own self-moderator!)

Step five: make a simple chart or calendar to keep track of your daily successes/slip ups. It can be different colored dots on a every day calendar or brightly colored stickers on a special monthly calendar you bought especially for this change. Give yourself a pat on the back and a small reward for reaching your goal.

Step six: after you’ve completed your new mini goal, add another small thing from your list on top of it. Buy whole grain bread AND 2% milk. Pay compliments AND show one act of kindness every week. Register for enrollment at the local college AND make an appointment to see a school counselor.

Change, in order for it to become natural and permanent, needs to be SLOW. It’s frustrating as hell, I know. It will never go fast enough for us because humans like having comfort and ease at their fingertips. We’re the Instant Gratification Species. You need to not lose sight of Why you’re doing the change in the first place though. There was something fundamentally off about you (so you think) that you didn’t like so you’re trying to change it. Long term sustainability is the goal here, which is why most diets and fads don’t work.

For sheep, it’s hard to sprint for long distances. That’s exhausting on many levels! However–

–that’s Step seven. DON’T lose sight of your WHY.

“The greatest injustice a human can do to himself is to walk down a path he chose, forget why he is walking it but continue to walk it anyway.” ~

(I think that’s a Paulo Coelho quote. I read it somewhere recently and I’m sure I got the wording wrong but I can’t find the exact quote anywhere. Paulo has a LOOOOOOOOT of quotes X_X)

So there it is. My game changing plan. I wrote this because I was going to relate it back to writing somehow but I realized I didn’t need to. It already had.

This method of action for me is the reason why I’ve been writing so much. It’s one of my mini goals, to write a blog entry a day; a result that I’m proud to say is from the seven step program I figured out–ON MY OWN!! No self-help book needed! And if you knew my scatter-brain with any sort of intimacy, you’d be applauding right now. Seriously, it’s like a hummingbird in spring flitting from flower to flower. Frenetic and brightly colored Chaos.

Share what you think/feel. Comment box is wiiiiiiide open for your use 🙂 Thank y’all!

Quickie #19 Overnight Optimal Optical

PROMPT: If you woke up tomorrow and discovered that everything in life was now free, what is the first thing you would do? 

This is a matter of practicality VS. desire.


I would fix my face.

Not like, plastic surgery. That’s dumb. But I was born with a crooked eye and it only got worse with age. I’ve dealt with it my whole life and it’s tiresome. There are certain imperfections I can deal with but having a crooked eye is not one of them.

Screw you people who say “You’re perfect, just the way you are.” That’s bull shit.

Try living through my middle school years where other kids would slide their desks away from me in the class room, thinking having a crooked eye was contagious. Try smiling in the face of kids who would call you ‘cyclops’ and ‘three eyes’ and cut in front of you in the lunch line because you’ve become paralyzed with pain. Or have adults look BEHIND them because they can’t figure out if you’re looking at THEM or someone else.

It’s a fucking problem and it would be the first thing that would get fixed. I think that is a helluva lot better than saying “I’d get liposuction” or a “tummy tuck”. Fat is an changeable flaw, Bad eyes are not.

In addition to the crooked eye, I would definitely get my teeth fixed. They’re bad; have been bad for awhile but not having insurance kinda made them worse. So they’d be next on the list. Dental for me and my family.


I would pull my kids out of school and we would travel all over the world as a family.

Spend a year in France, a year in Japan, a year in Africa…wherever we wanted. Learn real life skills, learn tolerance and acceptance and culture from the source, not just Americanized patriotic bull. Create empathy in my kids and give them a healthy dose of reality.

So much of humanity is being connected through the internet which is a great thing but we’re losing physical human connections. People are unwilling to go out and communicate because it’s so damn hard any more. Many more people are becoming agoraphobic, refusing to leave their houses and just stay online with friends. Why? Because it’s hard for people to open up and be accepted for their weird selves.

Online you can be anyone. You can be as confident as can be because you can erase a bad comment. You can be a blingin’ master rapper or a hottie barbie girl with photo shop. Anybody but yourself. You do you. Hopefully it works! For me, give me the real thing.

Let your freak flags fly people! Go out and see for yourself there are many more people LIKE you than unlike you.

Travel, learn acceptance, love yourself.

Quickie #18 The future is alive!

PROMPT: Write about an item you use frequently that you think (or hope) will be obsolete in 20 years.

Tooth brush.

People have such terrible dental hygiene and it costs thousands in dental fees to fix most problems. It would be a great help to be able to chew a pill or a piece of gum and have it foam your mouth and clean your teeth perfectly! Make it different flavors and cool colors to encourage kids to try it.

I could mention a lot of others things that would definitely impact the environment in a positive way like cars, manufacturing factories, paper money, and amusement parks but I have a feeling humans would fight to keep those for various reasons. Nostalgia, money, power, or entertainment. I think it would take longer than 20 years to convince people we don’t need them.

We can do little things though. We’re a slow changing race of bipeds.

Tooth brushes, car keys/house keys, CD’s/DVD’s/Tapes/VHS, light switches, cable TV (most people go online anyway), boom boxes, paper mail, paper books (though I will NEVER advocate that!), and soda. So many things!

But we have to be open to it.

We need to Elon Musk the human race for some of these things!

*cough hack wheeze* Repeat.


I think I have the flu. I don’t know officially if I do because I haven’t been to the doctor yet. I’ve been too sick to move very far from the bed until yesterday. I’ve been telling the universe it can’t kill me yet so I don’t think I have the Death Cold that’s going around. I’m still mobile, obviously. I went to work last night. That’s something.

But I still FEEL like it’s a Death cold. The pain in my lower back from all the coughing and the vice that’s squeezing my head and making my ears rings is annoying. The rawness on my nose and upper lip from all the blowing chafes me, literally. Not being able to taste or smell is REALLY obnoxious. Gawd I love food. But you know what the worst thing to me about all this is?

I haven’t been able to write.

Yep. I was on such a good roll!! I had a whole month where I had a post every day and I was really getting into the rhythm.

-Get up at 6 am, start a blog entry while getting the kids ready for school.

-Put older daughter on the bus and continue writing. Get tea.

-Walk younger daughter to school at 7:40 and come home. Write until 12. Eat lunch.

-Continue writing if the mood suits me or do chores/binge watch #Girlboss on Netflix or take a nap.

Then BAM!! Sickness abounds. I lost almost a whole week. So I’ve been trying to think of the lesson in this. The first thing that comes to me is I’m a bad mom for making my kids go to school with this crap, cuz they’re the ones that gave it to me. It’s MISERABLE. My bathroom looks like a pharmacy and I keep getting random remedies people swear works for them.

-Vicks on the bottom of your feet (proven true)

-Cayenne in your socks to fight fever (Um…no?)

-Garlic/ onions on the bottom of your feet (not brave enough to try)

-Onions quarters in every corner of your room (Haven’t tried)

-Sleep (proven true)

-Medicine Bombs from Starbucks (YES YES YES! DO IT!!)

So far It’s been Dayquil, Vicks, and three aspirin every 6 hours that does it for me. I’m surprised I haven’t OD’d on sick meds to be honest. ANYTHING to get rid of this crap. But maybe the lesson is….everyone needs a break?

Hell, I dunno. I tried my Norco at one point in desperation and had some funky/cool dreams that could be short stories eventually. Yay silver linings!

At one point I was just laying down for bed and I get a panicked call from my sister who is hysterically crying so I was instantly out of bed and in my shoes, flying out the door with my keys to the rescue. Just took my Nyquil and my Norco. Probably shouldn’t mix those. And probably shouldn’t say out loud that I drove her home at midnight. But! There was no one on the road and I went 20 miles and hour. Ha. And we got to hang out, which was cool.

So maybe the lesson is I can do anything when I’m sick? Because…I’m cool that way? Or maybe the lesson isn’t for me. Maybe me being sick is a lesson for someone else, like my kids. Maybe they’ll appreciate me being around more. Or my husband, who realizes how hard a life or work+house stuff is without me.

I dunno. Mainly I was writing to break the cycle of silence, to update y’all on my absence and put something out there.

There’s a lesson in everything. Just this once though, can someone tell me what it is, having this Death Cold, so I can go back to sleep with a clear conscience?

Kay, thanks, bye. ^_^

Quickie #17 Just sweets

PROMPT: Write about the weirdest job you’ve ever had.

I offered candied almonds at a fair to passers-by. They were made right on site from this fancy german made machine and smelled absolutely delicious. Cinnamon, vanilla and brown sugar goodness. I put on an apron and a visor with the almond seller’s logo and held out a shiny metal plate yelling “Free sample! Candied almonds!!” Some people, despite my screams, would walk up and ask if I was selling meat bits.

Yes. I know.

It wasn’t a glamorous job and the owner was a fast-tempered Italian man who blew a gasket over the smallest things. I got paid a pittance. But I got into the fair for free and on my break I got to walk the fair and eat whatever I wanted plus extra tickets for my family. At the price of a wicked tan line on my neck, I had a pretty good two weeks of work every summer.