What does the (___) Say? Fill in the blank!

My clothes, bunched in a pile Hiding inside wicker, A fragile basket After a cleansing wash And a bout with tumble dry Wanting to be rid of all dirt Smells, and experiences Of the last week Or any week’s past I’m not ready to hang them In their place Where plastic hangers Await to […]

via Seeking The Ultimate Mismatch — Elan Mudrow

This is a fabulous poetry author who writes better imagery than Bob Dylan. She’s a breath of fresh air after reading blog after blog (which I enjoy!) It’s a quick bite of something sour and sweet, like Sour Skittles or dark chocolate with sea salt sprinkled n it.  Not that her subjects are sour. It’s more like a quick “WHOOAA!” that’s genius! And then an “Awww” of appreciation. See? Sour and sweet!

I wanted to share this because her article sparked a curious “WHAT IF” for me. What if THINGS could write stories? People everywhere ask that all the time of old museum pieces and old houses and clothes worn way back when. “I bet they’d have some stories to tell!” What if they COULD write?

*PFFFFTTT!*<—sound of my mind blowing.

Really, THINK about it. That’s like, trying to comprehend all of Space or the Ocean all at one time. I’m sorry, my brain can’t bend that much. “There is no spoon” just doesn’t cut it for me. I’m all about big pictures but trying to imagine every inanimate thing chattering about their life like humans do? Oh GAWD. There would never be an peace.

Wouldn’t it be funny though if that house built back in the 1840’s could write a book? Wouldn’t it be funnier if it was published? No, that’s not funny. That’s degrading. *sad face* As if I don’t have enough anxiety about writing now, I have to imagine competing against my couch too? Sheesh…

Ohhhh but it would be entertaining! Could you imagine the truths and the lies that these things could tell? The famous white dress that Marilyn Monroe wore. What would it say about it’s continued fame? Would it be pleased? You have to imagine it would be! All those adoring fans! Plus hugging the curves of one of the most beautiful and iconic women America has ever seen? Ohhhh boy! I want to hear those stories!

And what about the car that drove John F. Kennedy the day he was shot? Does it mourn the death of it’s owner? Or is it mad now that it’s a museum piece, retired after only a short time in service, like a wounded but honored veteran? WOW.

How about The Grand Ol’ Opry in Nashville, Tennesse? The music that vibrated throughout it’s foundation and up through it’s boards to pour out the doors and windows. It must still hear echoes and cry tears of happiness. Or Radio City Music Hall in New York? It must be bursting to tell us what goes on behind the scenes! The fights, the gossip, the scandals! Or perhaps it’s jealous of merely being an audience member and it aches to sing and dance it’s own imagined number.

Doesn’t it boggle the mind, the possibilities? And it that’s not enough to make you wonder, then what about something more personal, like your baby blanket? If it could talk to you, would it sing you your favorite lullaby? Would it tell you about it’s favorite adventures with you romping through the backyard jungle or strolling with you through Paris Champs Elysees at Christmas time? Would it show you all it’s stains and battle scars and puff out it’s chest with pride that it survived childhood with you?

What about your engagement ring? The moment it’s revealed to the recipient—how would it describe that? The skyrocketing joy, the tears, the uncertainty vibrating from the man (or woman!) holding it? Would the metal absorb the intimate and joyful moment and keep it secret, like a time capsule for memories? Would that same engagement ring feel deep sadness if it was laid aside and hid in a jewelry box because of the painful divorce?

What would a simple clothes hamper have to say? Why don’t YOU think about it for awhile.

It really does make you wonder. And the possibilities are ENDLESS. I would love to walk into a museum and listen to what Ptolemy’s mummy had to say to me (although I’d have to get a smart phone with google translate on it). Or Marie Antoinette’s dresses. Or the sword of William Wallace.

Gosh. Alright, no more mind/spoon bending attempts for me. I’ll just bask in the wonder. You too, friends. You too. Good luck comprehending Space as well 🙂


Author: Jessica Jordan

The adventures of one woman as she journeys to make it big in the Publishing World. With charming clumsiness she takes her first steps forward to travel this twisty-wisty world of blogging. Posts will be random, humorous, honest and emotional. She is never organized. Be warned!

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