Their hearts never changed- an Ipod Shuffle Adventure

I did this last night before bed and it’s kinda long for one of my ipod sessions. I was rather surprised by where the story took me though and I was pleased with the outcome, if not totally satisfied. But that’s where editing and refining come in, should I ever decide to come back to it for further writing. I’ve provided YouTube hyperlinks to all the songs in case you’d like to have a listen. (For those of you who didn’t read the description of the Game, it’s basically putting my ipod on shuffle and the first 5 songs that come up have to be put into a short story using the title, the feel of the song, the lyrics, whatever! It’s fun, you should try it ^^)

“Puttin’ On the Ritz”-Taco

Impression: Classy, High Society, feel good, snobbery, fun times, champagne and chocolate strawberries, diamonds and satin spats

–Guy made a name for himself dressing in drag and going to elitist parties for entertainment. Silk, satin, jewels, designer clothes. But he was lonely and bored and seeking a way out. 

“Gone”-Ben Folds

Impressions: Snarky, regretful, bitter, FU, IDGAF, Leave if you want to, I don’t need you 

–Poor guy. (Boyhood friend of Rich guy.) Parents dead. Stuck with house mortgage he can’t pay. Ex-girlfriend dumped their new born baby off on him. Has enough money left in his pocket for baby formula and that’s it. Can’t work now, no baby-sitter. Hasn’t eaten in two days. House being repo’d. On his way to a Homeless Shelter with a bag of clothes and diapers and a baby strapped to his chest. Rich Guy sees him walking down the street and stops him in surprise. 

“Traveling?” rich guy asks.

“Yeah. Let’s go with that.”

“Oh. Where to?”

“Homeless shelter,” Poor guys says.


“Dude, you don’t even care so don’t pretend to for the cameras. I got my shit to deal with and you got yours.”


Lyrics:  Dress up in your best so I can be proud of you/ Never believe I won’t turn on you/ How I wish I could be rid of this ennui/ Make you regret and make you afraid of me/ And never believe I do this for me/ And never believe I’ll do this gently

Impressions: Bitter, reluctantly fascinated, mild revenge?, anger, 

–Few days later rich guy comes into the shelter undercover and begs poor guy to come home with him.

“Like hell I will to some fairy princess monstrosity!” says poor guy.

“Then we’ll go home to your place. It’s seriously scary in here and the baby could get like, sepsis or something. Not to mention psychological trauma,” Rich guys replies.

“If I had a place to go I wouldn’t BE here dumbass. Don’t you think I want better for my girl?”

Rich guy hands Poor guy a key.

“What’s that? A hotel key? Thanks but I’m good here. I’ll figure it out.”

“I bought it.” Rich guy says quietly.

“The hell you say?”

“The house. I bought it. It was my house for a long time too, remember? I couldn’t let someone else live in it. I couldn’t let them ruin my memories.”

“You actually remember all that shit?”

“Wasn’t that long ago. Birthdays, camping, Prom. I even had my first kiss there when I turned 16…Please, let’s get out of here. I think someone is checking out my ass.”

“Isn’t that what you want them to do now?”

Reluctantly, poor guy goes home. There’s nothing left except stuff in the garage. They sleep on air mattresses and sleeping bags with the baby between them.

-Rich guy wants to update and refurbish right away but Poor guy is reluctant and downright hostile about it. Afraid to say yes to anything and be even more indebted to rich guy. Afraid rich guy won’t stick around once he got bored. Just like last time. Back and forth arguments and anger and pain. Old wounds are opened on both sides.

-Rich guy buys dream nursery for little girl as a surprise. Poor guy breaks down and cries. Rich guy awkwardly hugs him. Vulnerable moment. Rich guys goes to work for a few days, leaving poor guy alone in his empty house. baby momma tries to come back. Heard he was shacking up with some rich chick. Looking for a hand out.

-Rich guy comes back and boots her off. Got into an argument with poor guy.

“What did she say?” rich guy asked.

“Just leave it. She’s a bitch hoe-bag looking for a payout.”

“Yeah but what did she SAY? Did she recognize me?”

“As a chick yeah. A famous one.”

“Oh. Good.”

“You’re not a chick!” Poor guy yells.

“Part of me is.”

“Not MY part.”

-Rich guy is stunned.

“I don’t know who that chick is; the one you dress up as. She’s strange and loud and fake. I don’t want anything to do with her.”

“But she’s part of me now–“

“No. She’s the mask you hide behind because you can’t deal with your loneliness. You never could.”

Rich guy gets mad.

“Yeah? And who’s the one that did the leaving? One stupid kiss on my birthday and you freak out!”

“Of course I freaked out man! My best friend kissed me! I was 16 and stupid!”

“You avoided me after that. You got into sports and got too busy and the went off to Uni. Then you come back and what, know up some chick?”

“I hated sports. It was just something to do. Made pops happy before he kicked the bucket. And the chick was a mistake, obviously. First and last.”

“So it WAS because of me.”

Poor guy didn’t deny it and rich guy exploded.

“Do you know why I even have an alter ego? The dresses and wigs and make up are all because of you!”

“Bull shit!”

“No it’s true! I wanted to become a woman. A woman so famous that my face would be everywhere and you had no CHOICE but to look at me. I wanted you to be reminded of me constantly, to be something you desired!”

“You fucking moron.” poor guy snarled.

He grabbed rich guy and kissed him, hard.

“You’re the reason I got into sports, yeah. But it was only because I wanted to do that again. And again and again and I freaked out dude. You never left my head, even when I had broken bones and aching muscles. I still wanted you. My best friend. Ah, Fuck it all!”

Guy turns to go into house, turns back and punches rich guy in the mouth.

“You walked away from me when you put that chick mask on and left me in hell. You don’t get another free pass, asshole.”

Then goes and slams the door.

“Skyfall”–Our last Night

Impressions: Never giving up, face the world together, hope, passion, determination, won’t take no for an answer, loyalty, 

–Rich guy is gone for weeks, sending furniture to the house since poor guy refuses to touch the money given for anything except food and baby stuff. Poor guy tried to get a  job as a line cook or a pastry chef since he liked being in the kitchen. Start making payments to rich guy for the house. When he comes back, he has another key. This time to a restaurant. 

“It’s ours. And you’re going to be head chef, when it opens.”

“Oh yeah? And what the hell are you going to do while I’m slaving away?”

“I’m going to do whatever it takes to make sure your eyes never look away from me again.”

Poor guy contemplates this.

“Alright. One thing though.”

“Yeah?” rich guy asks fearfully.

“You’re going to be the one that does all the girly shopping and shit when the baby gets older. You know. Bras and shit.”

Rich guy laughs.

“Fine by me.”

“Candyman”- Christina Aguilera

Impression: Hope, playfulness, dancing,

Epilogue: Rich and Poor guy open a restaurant called “Candyman” where rich guy still dressed in drag and employed drag queens to work there. Their secret inside joke. Happily, weirdly ever after.


Author: Jessica Jordan

The adventures of one woman as she journeys to make it big in the Publishing World. With charming clumsiness she takes her first steps forward to travel this twisty-wisty world of blogging. Posts will be random, humorous, honest and emotional. She is never organized. Be warned!

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